The Dragon King

Dragon King teachings for empowered relations with men

May 30 – Jun 2, 2019

With Amara Charles and Shyena Venice in Czech Republic

Women’s Retreat with Amara Charles and Shyena Venice in Czech Republic

Ancient shamanic tradition of Mayan, Olmec and Toltec teachings

For this women’s empowerment retreat, Amara Charles and Shyena Venice will present feminineteachings to help you discover a softer and more loving way to nourish your Shakti – the female principleof divine energy. It’s about how to birth your dreams in a uniquely feminine way. You will experience howto turn around doubt, shed body shame and plant fresh new seeds to manifest your dreams. Together, in a wonderful sisterhood circle, we will share stories of courage and beauty and celebrate ourdivine goddess energies. Becoming a Shakti Queen is experiential. It’s empowering. It’s about filling yourbasket with such nourishing self-love – you begin to pour over with the passion and wisdom you need towalk your way in the world.

We welcome new sisters to join this amazing circle of women from around the world.


Amara Charles

Keeps the Fire

Highly acclaimed sex and intimacy expert Amara Charles has facilitated Quodoushka spiritual sexuality programs around the world since 1989. Amara’s #1 Best Selling book The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka is inspiring menand women everywhere to become more caring, creative lovers. Amara hasbeen a guest on VH1, BBC, ABC, and HBO as well as numerous national andinternational relationship conferences, radio and TV shows. Her humorous, insightful and often provocative presentations inspire men and women to bringmore wisdom and happiness into their intimate lives.


Shyena Venice

Soaring Golden Eagle

An expert in women’s health and wellness, Shyena facilitates workshops worldwide inspiring men and women to increase their erotic intelligence andvibrant health. As an executive entrepreneur and consultant for SYLK Natural Personal Lubricant, she shows women how to get in touch with their naturalfeminine prowess. She’s also a mountaineer, musician and master masseuse who shares her healing spirit everywhere she goes.


Shakti Queen –The Dragon King

Centrum Živá voda, Kohoutov v Podkrkonoší

Thursday–Sunday May 30 – Jun 2, 2019

Healing our relations with the men we love

The Dragon King is about healing our conflicts with the masculine. It’s about understanding our differences and learning how to activate and awaken our inner feminine magic. This Shakti Queen retreat features shamanic ceremony to uplift each of your important relationships with men in your life. We’re going to discover how to bring out the best in the men we love and learn what’s needed to enchant our Dragon Kings. We will dip our toes into the awesome prowess of the divine Shakti Goddess and have a blast shining together in this special Shakti Sisterhood gathering.

The Dragon King is designed for women who want to:

  • Discover what’s needed to enchant Dragon Kings – learn how to bring out the best in the men you love.
  • Heal personal wounds with the masculine.
  • Nourish your divine feminine wisdom.
  • Transform old pain stories into understanding and forgiveness.
  • Let go of what blocks you from owning your real feminine beauty.
  • Find out how to use softness to manifest your heart’s desires with ease and grace.
  • Begin new practices that make you feel clear, healthy and happy.
  • Open the Dharma Door to balanced feminine and masculine energy.

You will experience:

  • Dragon King teachings for empowered relations with men.
  • Goddess Ceremony to release shame and past pain that stops you from asking for what you want.
  • Ways to give voice to your heart – the divine feminine inside you.
  • Dream Harvesting to share the magic of our dreams.
  • Jade Egg Qigong exercises to increase sexual prowess.
  • White Tigress health methods for uplifting vitality and health.
  • Devotional chants and meditation to strengthen your spirit.
  • Friendship with a new circle of women hungry to heal and create empowering relationships with the men in their lives.

There are no prerequisites for this retreat.

If you’re interested in feeling fully supported to express your dreams and desires and make profound shifts in your world as an empowered woman, then you are ready for Shakti Queen – The Dragon King.

When, where and how?

Kdy:Th.–Su., May 30 – Jun 2, 2019
Lektorky:Amara Charles and Shyena Venice
Místo:Centrum Živá voda
Kohoutov v Podkrkonoší
  • základní: 300 EUR
  • food and accommodation: 70 EUR

Retreat centrum Živá voda is a new meditation centrum.


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